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Introducing... Lucy

LUCY RAVA met Lovie and Tony in Cambodia when they finished Trabant Trek and has been itching to take part in one of Lovie's adventures ever since. She's heard all about the other trips, feels a certain camaraderie with the two boys and as a result feels more qualified than the others for the journey ahead – despite not knowing how to drive a manual transmission or having never driven a left-hand-drive car. Others occasionally see Lucy as condescending, and she specifically grates on the nerves of JLH and Rob. However prepared Lucy thought she was for Wreck Trek, it's noticeable early on that she isn't quite sure what she signed up for. Lucy gets easily frustrated when things don't go as she expected, and this is exacerbated by her high metabolism and ravenous need for often-scarce food – which inevitably leads to her breaking down. With a full stomach though, her mood softens and she shows everyone how much she appreciates the journey.

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